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We understand that our clients might have a few questions about our working process and policies before they feel confident enough to use our services. This is why we’ve createda Logistics FAQ to provide answers to your questions. However, if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us at simonng@weltrans-logistics.com.

Basic FAQ

Basically, a forwarding agent is responsible for arranging the international movement of goods from a point to another, on behalf of shipper, making the entire shipping process more efficient and cost-saving. Specifically, a freight forwarder will perform freight rate negotiations, shipment tracking, documentation handling, customs declaration and freight consolidation, among other tasks.


Freight forwarders will handle the various aspects of the shipping including preparing the related documentation, which can be confusing for you. This is important as incomplete documentation can cause lengthy delays and your goods to be seized by customs.


Freight forwarders transport goods in large quantities. This allows them to achieve economies of scale and bring down the cost of shipping for customers. They have means of transporting items in bulk quantities and staff to ensure that process goes smoothly, which is why they offer the first-class service at economical rates.


Freight forwarders have the resources and expertise needed to handle unforeseen circumstances such as delays in shipment. This is useful when you need the item urgently and require it to arrive as soon as possible. A successful and credible logistics services company can make a world of difference to your business’s efficiency and productivity.

You can choose to ship your items via air freight, sea freight, rail, express or truck. Please refer to our individual web pages for more information about each method.

The cost of shipping is affected by factors such as the weight and dimension of the cargo, the shipping destination and carriers you are going to ship with.

To receive a shipping quote for your items, simply fill up our contact form. Our friendly sales team will get back to you as soon as possible regarding your enquiry.

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The safety of your cargo is our priority; we work with a variety of renowned freight forwarding partners to ensure that your items arrive safely and punctually.

Additionally, to give you the peace of mind, each customer is assigned an experienced personal consultant. Our consultant serves as a point of contact between you and our company, providing you with regular updates on the status of your goods.

We have our own IOR in USA and Europe with good reputation and can be used by our clients with limited charges.

Yes, all you need to do is to send cargo to your warehouse, and provide us the packing list, we will do the rest for you.

The chargeable weight (cw) of an airfreight is determined by the actual gross weight (gw) or the volume weight (vw), whichever is greater. The formula for the chargeable weight or volume weight is:

Imperial: Length x Width x Height in inches (in.) / 166 = vw (in lbs.) Metric: Length x Width x Height in centimeter (cm.) / 6,000 = vw (in kgs).

Examples of Calculation:

A carton weighs 12 lbs:

  • It measures Length 15 in, Width 18 in , Height 18 in (15 x 18 x 18) = 4860/166 =29.28 lbs Rounded up to 30 lbs

A carton weighs 15 kilos:

  • It measures Length 40 cm, Width 50 cm , Height 50 cm (40 x 50 x 50) = 100000/6000= 16.67 kilos Rounded up to 17 kg

Amazon FBA FAQ

Yes, definitely. We are your one-stop shipping solution provider. We have a worldwide network. So where ever your cargo is, we can ship it for you to any FBA warehouse across America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

We’ve been operating the shipping to Amazon FBA since 2010. Most of our clients are FBA Sellers. We do this all day every day. We have 3 warehouses across China include Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhongshan to cope with the demand of our clients.

No, not necessary. We can help you if you do not obtain a continuous bond. You can choose to use either our bond for free. Or we may help you to purchase a continuous bond if you ship a lot of shipment annually.  The charges will be USD500/year.

Our FBA Prep Service can eliminate storage and warehousing costs. There are no contractual obligations associated with renting warehouse space and we are much cheaper than Amazon’s storage fees. Take advantage of our flexible offers and custom quotes for your specific needs. We require no minimum order.

With our service you can save time, we do all the packing, prepping and forwarding so that you can focus on growing and scaling your business on Amazon. A dedicated customer care will keep you constantly updated throughout the process so to ensure you maximum transparency.

Technology-driven solutions that ensure consistency between your systems and Amazon’s.

We will forward all your goods onto Amazon within 48 hours from receiving it in Los Angeles. From this moment on, you will be able to track your shipment on line.

For ocean sailing time, It takes about two weeks by sea from China to the west coast of the United States, but to the east coast of the United States for about four weeks.

When it comes to door delivery to Amazon, there are many procedures to be finished before last mile delivery, like customs, unloading, package, labeling, so the full time will be:

  • By air:  5–7 days ( depends on what airline you take)
  • By sea: 20–25 days (depends on which port and which line you take)

Warehousing FAQ

No, not necessary. We can palatalize your cargo based on Amazon’s terms and policies in our China warehouses or at destination warehouses.

Yes, We have warehouses both in China, USA (Los Angeles) and Europe, we can provide warehouse storage service with long free time.

Door to Door Delivery FAQ

Door-to-Door delivery is a full service where we arrange to pick up the shipment from its location of origin to its destination, right to the specified address. This commonly refers to the freight charges. Charges on top of Door-to-Door can be exempt of offloading, customs, and port charges.

Customs Clearance FAQ

There are four documents you need to clear imports into the United States:

  • Performa Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Transport Documents ( like Bill of Lading)
  • Arrival Notice
  • Country of Origin ( if applicable )
  • Insurance Certificate.
  • Technical Write-up/Literature ( if the cargo is machinery)
  • Test Report ( if applicable)
  • Duty Exemption Documents ( if applicable)

Trusted Partners

We have established good relationships with reliable international carriers in both air freight and sea freight. With this dedicated international alliance, we aim to be your one stop service provider and ensure effective and practical solutions tailored to your needs.

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