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Amazon FBA Prep Service

Our Amazon FBA Prep Service is the best solution for all Amazon dealers who already use or will use FBA. It doesn’t matter if you are a Startup or an established company, we will work out the best Amazon FBA Prep Service solution with you, following you step by step.

We provide weekly sailing schedule from China to Los Angeles New York in USA, Hamburg, Antwerp, Malashevich in Europe. Once the vessel hit the port of discharges, we can pick up the containers within a few days ( usually 2-3 days), After we bring back your shipments to our warehouse, we will unload it, then label it with Amazon FBA Label, package it according to Amazon policies, dispatch to Amazon warehouse.

Services from China to USA:

Mason CLX Alaska Service

Tranship time 12 days (Shanghai to LAX), ETD SHA every Wed

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ZIM Ecommerce Express

Tranship time 12 days (Yantian to LAX), ETD YTN every Wed.

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Cosco Ecommerce Express

Tranship time 13 day ( Yantian to LAX), YTN ETD Sat.

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Services from China to Europe:

Rail Service to Poland

Weekly rail service from Chengdu, China to railway station Malashevich, Poland with tranship time 14 days

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Rail Service to Germany

Weekly rail service from Chengdu, China to Duisburg, Germany with tranship time 20 days

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Rail Service to Belgium

Weekly sea service from Shenzhen, China to Antwerp, Belgium with tranship time 25-35 days.

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Services for Last Mile Delivery:

For the last mile delivery after full container discharges in ports, We can provide the variant alternatives to meet our customer’s need. We will do the customs clearance for our customers and pay the import duty and VAT tax in destination so that our customer will enjoy one-stop shop service with no worry.

Courier Express

Courier express by UPS or DHL can easily cover the whole of American. with this service you’ll enjoy the full network coverage of UPS and DHL.

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Trucking Services

Delivery to Amazon FBA warehouse or business location by LTL (less than Truck).

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Services for Amazon Shipment Handling:

We have dedicated operation teams in China, Europe and the USA who will handle your Amazon shipments.

Receiving & Inspection

Suppliers send cargo to our warehouse or we arrange cargo pick up from suppliers. And always perform quality inspections. The last thing you want is to have your goods rejected by Amazon, as this puts your entire seller account at risk. It is both simple and cost-effective to arrange a quality inspection.

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FNSKU Labeling

It is important to label the cartons correctly to avoid delays or rejected goods by Amazon FBA. Below are the basic FBA preparations needed for general cargo.

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FBA Shipping Label

Amazon FBA requires individual cartons to have its own unique FBA shipping label. The shipping labels can be generated upon confirming a shipping plan in your Seller Central account.

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Individual unit packaging must have a unique barcode generated from your Seller’s account upon the creation of the product listing. Different variations will have different FNSKU so it’s best to make sure that all items are correctly labeled according to their color, size, etc.

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Poly Bag & Shrink Wrap

First, you’ll want to package your goods to make sure that they will not be damaged during the transport. This can be as simple as using an OPP/polybag or even using bubble wrap to protect fragile items.

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Palletizing, Bundling and Multi-sets

Amazon FBA warehouses have a list of requirements for the pallets that can be used for shipments going to their warehouses. For instance, Amazon US accepts wooden pallets 40″by 48″with GMA Standard B Grade (or higher). So make sure to check the most updated list through the Seller Central to avoid shipments to be rejected.

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Postage or Truck Delivery

Once packaged, labeled & ready to ship, we’ll delivery your products to Amazon warehouses of your choice by the UPS/Fedex or by our truck teams.

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Full Management of all Transport-Related Activities

We offer all-in-one logistics solutions for Amazon sellers, no matter if you are a manufacturer, brand owner, e-retailer, importer, distributor or a wholesaler, We can provide you with a whole range of e-commerce logistics services at a low cost.

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FBA Removals

When you are having a problem with Amazon FBA inventory, we will receive, inspect, correct and ship your inventory back to Amazon or forward it anywhere you want.

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Amazon FBA Booking

We make an FBA appointment with Amazon for our clients.

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Trusted Partners

We have established good relationships with reliable international carriers in both air freight and sea freight. With this dedicated international alliance, we aim to be your one stop service provider and ensure effective and practical solutions tailored to your needs.

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