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Last mile delivery for Amazon seller around the globe


Because of the high volume of Amazon traffic and the amount of transactions that take place on Amazon, transshipment time is considered to be an essential aspect of being successful on the Amazon platform. We are tasked with assisting Hanke, who is one of the leading domestic brands in the manufacturing of suitcases, expand globally and deliver their cargo on-time to overseas warehouses, which include the USA, Europe, Australia and Japan.

Challenges Faced

This was not an easy task, as they had many package sizes with different SKUs, and each carton required a specific Amazon FBA shipping label that corresponded with a particular warehouse in a particular country. The most difficult challenge has been getting their cargo to its destination and keeping their product stock at a reasonable threshold. What this means, is that if there is too much inventory in the warehouse they will incur extra storage charges, and if there is not enough inventory they may run out of stock, which can drastically damage their Amazon rankings.

Final Results

We have successfully managed to keep their stock at a reasonable threshold, avoided extra storage charges and helped to maintain their Amazon rankings by keeping a reasonable level of inventory in their warehouses. Since Hanke has began using our services, that have grown their business into one of the top Amazon sellers of suitcases.

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