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Meeting Delivery Deadlines


Moving oversized cargo from point A to point B is not an easy task, especially when the shipments are transported and face multiple challenges such as civil unrest, road strikes, insubstantial roads and bridges, holiday schedule delays etc. However, given all the obstacles, this is what we did for an environment cleaning company in located in China. We moved a large break-bulk shipment containing compressor sets and ancillary products from Foshan, China to Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Cargo Details

The shipment contained 94 pallets and crates weighing 182 metric tons with 420 cubic meters of volume equivalent to about 6 forty-feet containers.

Challenges Faced

It required special lowboy trailers that are equipped to handle such large loads. We successfully apply an official permit for the charcoal (as part of the shipment acts as filter for the whole equipment) from customs authority.

Final Results

Our professional team also help to fasten the equipment s using all the necessary lashing materials to make the shipments arrive destination on time and without falter.

Project Details


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